About Us

Exotics was created with one ambition—to combine our admiration for cannabis and urban street-wear while offering an alternative brand that celebrates our chosen lifestyle. 


Who We Are 

We are a cannabis-inspired, Michigan-based apparel company that offers superior quality and fashionable clothing. We collaborate with burgeoning urban designers to bring our signature designs and freshly crafted styles from the streets. Our selection of stunning garments, from street-wear to other stylish urban pieces, will keep you looking trendy no matter what season it is. Prepare for your closet to turn heads with our bold and edgy new lines! 

What We Offer

At Exotics, cannabis and fashion are two passions that converge. In addition to cannabis urban-styled apparel and accessories, we provide cannabis flower packaging and labels. We strive to provide premium cannabis products with each purchase you make. Our cannabis flower packaging and labels are designed with style and security in mind to guarantee your safety and satisfaction. 

Why We're Different

We're a black-owned, proudly-inclusive community that celebrates diversity through our unique range of designs crafted by up and coming independent designers from all backgrounds. Exotics is not like other brands that limit themselves to one particular theme or revolve around one Celebrity. We have an eclectic array of designs created by independent designers, no matter your identity. Whether you're urban, LGBT, tattooed, or live an unapologetic cannabis lifestyle - there's something for everyone at Exotics! 


Our Team's Commitment to Community 

The team at exotics believes in the hustle and hard work balanced with rest and the power of community. Together they strive to bring their signature designs and freshly crafted styles from the streets with superior quality and fashionable clothing. The Exotics team is led by the team leader Nigel, from Venice, California and cut his teeth on growing Cannabis in the Bay Area for over 12 years. Today, Nigel and the team at Exotics continue this value by collaborating with other aspiring fashion designers who love cannabis culture.  

The Mission

We are dedicated to advancing the normalization of cannabis use and breaking down any unfortunate stigmas associated with it. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy cannabis safely and responsibly. Our mission is simple: to become the go-to source for cannabis and urban apparel in every city globally! 

For Designers on the Come Up

At Exotics, we understand that getting design ideas into the fashion world is hard, especially if you're just starting as a fashion designer. To help support our communities and bring more diversity in fashion, we are proud to collaborate with upcoming cannabis designers on exclusive cannabis clothing lines. If you believe your cannabis designs meet the standard of being part of the Exotics family, contact us now! It's time to make things happen together. 


Calling Creatives to Collaborate 

If you're a content creator, style enthusiast, and aspiring fashion designer, Exotics is inviting you to collaborate with us on designing and showcasing cannabis-inspired urban apparel. Make your mark on the flower industry and create something no one has ever seen. If you have a special eye for fashion and a cannabis lifestyle to express, join us now and welcome to the good life.