Here at Exotics, we would like to offer all the small time Care Givers and Independent grows in legal states that allows such
activity, commercial dispensary grade Label and Packaging Service. No more do you have to be embarrassed by presenting
all your hard work in a baggie or mason jar. Now you can give your product the respectable look it deserves. Our process is
simple, tell use the Strain name and the Breeder and we'll do the rest. Our label designs are based off our "Exotics" brand platform and are strictly controlled by us in house to keep control of the quality and integrity of the Brand. We work closely with Calyx containers and only use their 25 Dram and 145 Dram containers which are biodegradable and utilize a child-resistant top to preserve the quality of your product. We add our very own custom shrink band for yet another layer of security. We offer labels that come in a variety of bold colors and designs with QR codes that will link your product back to the Breeder with the Strain information. We also offer this service for your Pre-roll products as well. Send us an email and get your new look started today!


Our Knowledgeable staff will contact you & get you set up.